Q: RSS of www.aileviakdenizatesi.com?

Q: RSS of www.aileviakdenizatesi.com?

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I didn't realize where to write my topic. It is more of a technical question regarding the forumsoftware, so I'm sorry if "GENEL_GÜNCEL_ZIYARETÇI DEFTERI" might be the wrong section.

My name is Paolo and I'm 24 years old. I've been reading on www.aileviakdenizatesi.com for a bunch of days and now I made the decision to participate. Hehe ...

BTT ... my question is if there is an option to receive recent topics via RSS? I enjoy reading fresh articles of my favorite blogs with Awasu so it would be great to also be able to check what's happening at www.aileviakdenizatesi.com in my RSS-reader.

It would be awesome if you could tell me the url to the feed. Thank you!

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