Massage for newborns and infants. We answer the questions of moms
Massage is not only a benefit for the healthy development of the child, but also the main way mother communicates with her newborn. Many mothers of babies are interested in…

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Sunburn in a child: how to alleviate the condition
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Massage for newborns and infants. We answer the questions of moms
Massage is not only a benefit for the healthy development of the child, but also the main way mother communicates with her newborn. Many mothers of babies are interested in…

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The benefits of speech therapy massage for children

Speech therapy massage is a godsend for parents whose children have speech problems. Massage includes exercises and movements that affect the facial muscles and blood circulation. What speech therapy massage for a child to choose and how to do it correctly at home?

Indications for speech therapy massage
The presence of dysarthria, stuttering and other speech defects.
Problems with articulation and pronunciation of words.
After traumatic brain injury.
Constant salivation.
Massage can go in conjunction with a speech therapist.

The main stages of speech therapy massage for children

Massage should be directed at once to several zones: head, neck, face and oral cavity.

Forehead massage
Massage should begin with soft stroking movements that warm the muscles. With both hands, use your fingertips to move from the center of the forehead to the temples, without pressing. Then move from the eyebrows to the hairline.

Cheek massage
Also, with your fingertips, knead and slightly stretch the baby’s cheeks. Try to massage gently without delivering painful and unpleasant sensations to the child. Move from the corners of the mouth to the ears. From top to bottom, stroke the cheeks.

Nasal massage
With both hands, stroke the nose from the nose in the direction of the cheekbones, that is, along the slope. Make light stretching movements on the wings of the nose. Then stroke the nasolabial fold from the nose to the corners of the lips.

Mouth massage
Mouth massage begins with exercises on the lips. Pinch your upper lip slightly and stroke to the corners. With the lower lip, repeat the movement.

Chin massage
Knead the chin from the center to the corners of the lips. Lightly stroke along the same path.

Repeat the procedure 2-3 times a week. You should take a course from 10 to 20 sessions. After 1-2 months, you can repeat the course.

Speech therapy massage of the tongue with a toothbrush
To massage the oral cavity, the speech therapist usually uses a special probe, which can be different in appearance and shape. At home, it can be replaced with a toothbrush.

Take an individual toothbrush and a sterile wipe. Ask your baby to make a tongue with a spatula. Using a napkin, gently grasp the tip of the baby’s tongue with your fingers.

In order to captivate the baby, carry out the procedure in a playful way. We will show you how to do it better.
1.We will keep the tongue so that it wakes up.

The kid has already woken up, but the tongue is still sleeping. Let’s help him wake up. To do this, you need to gently stroke it.

From the middle of the tongue to the tip, swipe the back of the brush. Do not push it too far so as not to cause a gag reflex. Stroke it for a while

2. The sun has risen

While the tongue was sleeping, the sun managed to get out. It shines with its bright rays. Draw them on the tongue.

From the center of the tongue, drive the back side of the brush “rays” to the borders of the tongue on the periphery. Also do not remove the brush to the palatine tongue.

3. The sun illuminates the Christmas tree.

The rays of the sun illuminate the tree, which grows in the yard. She has a powerful trunk and neat green twigs.

Brush from bottom to top, as if it were a tree trunk. We draw “branches” on the sides of the tongue

4. Christmas tree sways in the breeze.

The wind blew and dust blew off our Christmas tree.

As if sweeping the tongue, gently move the brush from left to right.

5. The wind pumps smoke from the stove.

Smoke comes out of the chimney of the house next door. It sways in the wind in different directions.

From top to bottom, make zigzag movements.

6. The wind blew to the left.

Apple trees in the garden shakes from the wind. At first they leaned to the right. Then left.

Brush from the left edge to the right and vice versa.
7. It started to rain.

Suddenly it began to rain and began to nail dust to the ground.

With tingling movements, pat across the entire space of the tongue.
8. Apples fell from the trees.

Apples fell from the trees in the garden from the rain.

Pat the back of the brush lightly across the tongue.
9. A huge puddle.

A lot of water flowed from the rain and large puddles formed.

Smooth side drive in a circle clockwise from the center.


Do not massage if the child has an infectious disease that is in the acute period. Such diseases include:

cold sores on the lips and other diseases of the mucous membranes,
stomatitis and oral diseases,
chronic inflammation of the skin,
inflammation of the lymph nodes
strong pulsation of the carotid artery,
purulent and fungal diseases.
Parent Tips
Before starting a course of speech therapy massage, you should consult a pediatrician.
Doctors recommend the first procedure under the supervision of a professional speech therapist, so that he can adjust the movements of the parent.
Do massage gently, without rough tingling and pressing. Rely on the reaction of the child.
Try to beat your movements so that the baby does not get bored during the massage.

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