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Your child has constipation, what to do at home

When a child has constipation, you need to find out its cause in order to know what to do. WHO classifies constipation as a disease, and the World Organization of Gastroenterologists, including Russian, classifies it as a symptom. It is important to understand that constipation is considered when a child wants, but cannot go to the toilet. The process is slow, painful. When after emptying the baby remains a feeling of heaviness, as if he “did not complete what was started.” Do not confuse constipation with rare trips to the toilet. The human body is individual, which affects the metabolism. For some children, it’s normal to walk “big” 3-4 times a week, others go several times a day. If a child has constipation, what to do at home for parents, we learn from the article.

Causes of constipation in children

Every child at least once faces this problem. The most common causes of constipation in children are:

Sedentary lifestyle.
Fluid deficiency in the body.
Wrong diet.
Intestinal dysbiosis.
Poor diet, lack of fiber.
The child often eats food fastening the stool. Drinking can also affect constipation, such as strong tea or cocoa.
Diseases of the intestines or colon. If the problem appears systemically, this is an occasion to consult a specialist.
Drug treatment. There are drugs that affect your bowels. Learn about side effects.
The habit of enduring. Some children do not like to go to the toilet “for the most part”, others are so addicted to the game that they simply do not want to break away from an important matter.
Rarely enough, but it happens that a foreign object interferes with the feces. You can find out how to behave in such a situation in the article: What to do if a child ate a toy, coin, button.
Knowing the causes of constipation in children, you can prevent serious conditions the next time.

If the child has frequent constipation, then you need to see a doctor. These can be signs of serious illness.

The child has constipation: what to do and how to treat
Take your time to give pills and other medicines, this can make the condition worse. Some drugs cause severe spasms in the intestines. Therefore, try the natural and affordable options first.

Food with a laxative effect:

Bread with butter, rye or bran;
Fruits: plums, apricots,
Vegetables are rich in fiber;
Oatmeal or buckwheat porridge;
Fish fat;
Dried fruits, which can be served in the form of mashed potatoes, compote. Prune is especially good at handling.
Sour-milk products: kefir, fermented baked milk, yogurt, koumiss, sour cream with cottage cheese.
In addition to juices and other drinks, the body needs pure water. Do not forget that each age has its own daily water requirement. How much does your child need to drink in this article. Be careful with exercise for constipation, which is often recommended on the Internet. They can harm, injure the intestines, lead to severe spasms. For example, a child cannot be emptied for several days, it has bloating. You can do the massage, but smoothly, without pressing on the stomach.

Doctor Komarovsky’s advice on how to treat constipation in children.

Enema for children with constipation
The classic method is an enema for children, which really helps with constipation. They resort to it if the options above could not help or the child has long been tormented. Depending on the type of enema, the result will come within a few hours or in the morning, if the procedure was in the evening.
An enema fluid for children with constipation needs to be heated to 30-38 degrees.

What is used for enemas:

Glycerin 5-10 ml.
Vegetable oil: sea buckthorn, sunflower, rose hip. Dose 30-150 ml, depending on the age of the child.
Saline solution is used for hypertensive enema. It is necessary to dilute 10 g of salt in 100 ml of boiled water. Wait until it cools to body temperature. Enough 30 ml for one procedure. Usually it is carried out by doctors in a clinical setting.
Medication. Consult with a specialist in advance which drug and in what dosage is suitable for your baby.
When selecting funds, you must take into account the accompanying symptoms. Does the child have colic, bloating, cramping, increased flatulence (gas secretion).


Oilcloth is laid under the child so as not to stain the bed. Part of the fluid may begin to leak.
Diaper or towel.
Douche – a rubber pear-shaped vessel with an oblong tip. The volume of the syringe is chosen in accordance with the age of the child. It is used to treat children from infancy to 5 years.
Esmarch’s irrigator. The capacity resembles in shape a heating pad with a rubber outlet for insertion into the anus. This vessel is larger in volume than a syringe (up to 2 liters) and therefore suitable for children over 5 years old.
The pot should be in close proximity with the child. Calls to the toilet are sharp, the child may not have time to run to the toilet.

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