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Massage for newborns and infants. We answer the questions of moms

Massage is not only a benefit for the healthy development of the child, but also the main way mother communicates with her newborn. Many mothers of babies are interested in whether a newborn needs massage? What should be the indications for the procedure and are there any contraindications? Can I do the massage myself at home or do I need to contact a professional? We asked all these and many other questions to Svetlana Terentyeva, a pediatric masseur and specialist in physical rehabilitation with more than 10 years of experience.

Massage for babies: questions of mothers
Does a newborn need massage?
It depends on what kind of massage it is, because it can be of two types: therapeutic and wellness.

Therapist is prescribed by the district pediatrician and neurologist at diagnosis. This procedure is aimed specifically at the treatment and prevention of such common diseases in infants, such as:

Connective tissue dysplasia
Torticollis, etc.
The local pediatrician should inform about the presence of problems in the baby and tell about further treatment tactics, including a massage course.

Wellness is indicated for all healthy newborns. It helps strengthen the muscles and joints of the baby, and also stimulates their proper development and functioning. Wellness massage is the prevention of many diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

A wellness massage helps to identify the presence of early pathologies that were not noticed by the doctor and mother.

When examining a baby, doctors and parents may not replace the presence of any ailment. However, the massage therapist will be able to see and feel the tension in the muscles, indicating the presence of pathologies in the development. That is why it is better to entrust the first course to a specialist.

Can I get a free massage course for my child?
Yes, the local pediatrician or orthopedist can appoint him.

Procedures on a budgetary basis are carried out in the clinic at the place of residence and in turn. This means that most likely you will have to wait until your baby’s turn comes, and also visit a specialist in a medical institution each time.

According to Svetlana, it is better to start a massage at home. This is due to the fact that in the first months of life, the baby gets used to his home, his environment. Therefore, the procedures at home are less stressful for the newborn than in the clinic.

If you have extended insurance with an additional package of services, massage at home may be included in the cost of this insurance, depending on the company that provides the services.

How many months do you need to take massage courses?
Massage up to a year usually consists of three courses that are conducted as the main musculoskeletal functions of the baby develop:

1-3 months;
5-7 months;
In 1 year.
In the first three months of life, they conduct a course of wellness massage, which is aimed at the correct development of the cervical spine. This is necessary so that in the future, the child can easily raise and hold the head.

At 5-7 months, the baby is preparing to begin to crawl. Now the thoracic and lumbar region is actively forming. During this period, a massage course will help strengthen the baby’s muscles and joints and prepare him for sitting.

You can not force the baby. He will sit down when his muscles are ready to hold his body.

About 1 year, after 9 months of life, the baby’s body prepares for an upright position. After all, before that all the time he was horizontal. Prepare it will help a course of wellness massage.

Can massage help your baby start walking faster?
As if mothers would not want the baby to start crawling, sitting and walking faster – everything has its time. He himself will do all this when he is confident in his abilities and the strength of his ligaments. The massage cannot help him start walking faster, and this is not necessary at all. The development rate is considered if the children begin to walk from 10 to 12 months. After 14 months, you should already consult a doctor who will help you figure out what is the reason for refusing to walk. Then, when making a diagnosis, the procedure will help begin to walk.

Often the problem that prevents the child from going on time is hypertonicity in the legs. This problem can be corrected with massage.

Blitz questions to the massage therapist
A child puts his foot wrong when walking – is this a problem?
Not. When the baby learns to walk, he can do it in a way that is convenient for him. But if the incorrect positioning of the leg persists after 14 months – this is a problem that you need to contact an orthopedist and neurologist.

Leg asymmetry – cause for concern?
Typically, the asymmetry of the folds is a sign of hypertonicity in the muscles. This problem is solved by a course of therapeutic massage. It helps ease muscle tension and even out wrinkles.
Signs of hypertension:
asymmetry of folds;
child sleep disturbance;
frequent crying;
the baby holds his head well from birth;
bad sleep;
the baby throws its head and bends when crying.

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