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How not to bring down a high temperature in a child? Pediatrician Tips

High temperature and fever in a child are a protective reaction of the body and the fear of any mother. The main thing in this situation is to keep calm, although when the thermometer reads below 40, it is really difficult. Therefore, no tears and tantrums! It is important to adequately respond and take action. How to bring down the high temperature in a child and what to do next?

High fever in a child

Keep calm! The temperature rises above forty degrees extremely, and to such an indicator it does not cause harm to health. This means that there is time to take action.

First of all, you must assess the condition of the child. For some symptoms, you should immediately consult a doctor, such as:

Temperature over 39 degrees;
Loss of consciousness;
Lack of urine for 4-5 hours;
Inadequate response to light and sound;
Forced posture;
Excessive lethargy.
If a child has these symptoms, consult a doctor immediately!

If none of these symptoms is present, but the baby feels bad, cannot fall asleep calmly and refuses to drink, then you need to give a heat remedy – Ibuprofen (Nurofen) or Paracetamol. Remember that other options are not suitable for the child.

How to bring down the heat in a child?

First of all, you need to correctly calculate the dose individually for your baby. It is calculated based on its weight. Be sure to choose the right dose, otherwise you will have to wait for a miracle from an insufficient amount of medicine. And when exceeded, side effects may appear.

Nurofen for a child should be calculated by the formula: 10 mg of substance per 1 kg of weight, and paracetamol – 15 mg. per 1 kg.

In Nurofen, which is in every pharmacy, contains 100 mg of active substance per 5 ml of syrup. This means that 1 ml contains 20 mg.

Now let’s solve a simple puzzle! The daughter weighs 6 kg. How many ml of syrup should she give? We multiply six kilograms by 10 milligrams of substance and we get sixty. That is how much substance we need. Now we calculate how many ml it contains. To do this, divide 60 by 20 (mg in 1 ml) and get 3 ml.

When calculating the dose for paracetamol, it should be borne in mind that in syrup, most often 120 mg is contained in 5 ml. So in 1 ml of 24 mg.

For a child with the same weight of 6 kg, we solve the problem according to this scheme:

6 kg * 15 mg = 90 mg
90 mg / 24 = 3.75 ml syrup

Important! Water your baby as often as possible. It makes no sense to expect that an antipyretic will quickly give an effect without adequate brazing.

Undress the child and ventilate the room. Observe the condition of the baby and remember the rule: if the temperature has dropped by one degree, then the goal has been achieved. Do not panic if she did not immediately come to the classic 36.6 – this is normal. The main thing is not to give more antipyretic and keep yourself in control.

When my daughter had a high temperature for one and a half days in the range from 38.4 – 39.7. During this time I gave her Nurofen 3 times, didn’t try to feed her through “I don’t want to”, gave me plenty of fluids, and also tried to support her during this difficult period. I even let her eat ice cream … twice.

High temperature errors
Some folk recipes that our mothers and grandmothers used to lower their temperature are completely unsuitable! Yes, and the Internet is full of “useful” recipes, which absolutely can not be used. These include:

Rubbing with water and vinegar. Even with apple.
Rubbing with vodka and any other alcohol-containing drink.
Covering the baby with a warm blanket.
Use as an antipyretic: Aspirin, Nimulide, Analgin and other analogues. You can only Nurofen and Paracetamol!
The use of homeopathy.
When the temperature drops a little, and the baby becomes more cheerful and agrees to eat, you do not need to circle above it with a thermometer, measuring the temperature every half hour. Do not expect it to immediately drop to 37 – just start to get more nervous.

Sometimes the temperature 37 can hold for several days. Do not worry, it does not require lowering. Do not make a child seriously ill. The fact that the temperature has dropped to 37 suggests that your child is recovering!

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