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Vaccination calendar for children

Any parent will need this vaccination calendar for children. He will allow not to forget about the important procedure and do it on time. There are many rumors and myths surrounding preventive vaccinations that misinform society. We will talk about this below. There is a list of mandatory vaccinations for children who are on the calendar. Until the child reaches adulthood, parents must sign the document “informed voluntary consent to medical intervention.” This must be done before each vaccination.

Vaccination calendar for children 2019

In 2019, the vaccination calendar for children compiled by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation in 2014 No. 125n remains relevant. Vaccination should be carried out strictly at the indicated age. If for some reason the baby is unable to get the vaccine on time, then consult with a specialist. Vaccination is not carried out in advance. Therefore, discuss your situation. Below is a convenient vaccination calendar for children 2019. You can save it so that you do not forget about the procedure.

A brightly colored cell means that vaccination should be done during this period. Here are the required preventive vaccinations.

There are foreign analogues of vaccinations. They can be quite expensive. Some parents, for personal reasons, want to replace DTP with Pentaxim or Infanrix Hexa. It is better not to trust reviews on the Internet and advertising. Consult a pediatrician or consult a pediatric immunologist. A competent approach and a competent look are important here. The specialist takes into account the individual characteristics of the child and his health in general. He will be able to choose the most suitable vaccine for you with the least risk.

The 2019 vaccination schedule for children does not include a number of vaccinations. They can be made according to the wishes or recommendations of the pediatrician.

Some additional vaccinations:

Against rotavirus infection. In the Russian Federation, rotatec is used – a live vaccine in the form of drops.
Meningococcal infection, use the Menactra vaccine.
Chicken pox “chicken pox”.
According to the latest data, vaccinations against chickenpox and rotavirus will become mandatory in 2020. They will be included in the national vaccination calendar.

Flu shot
You may notice that there is no flu vaccination. Some believe that it is ineffective and children still get sick. In fact, the vaccine contains a weakened strain of only a few types of virus. Flu is known to have many varieties. The disease is constantly progressing and mutating.

When a child with a vaccination gets sick, this does not mean that the vaccine did not work. He just “picked up” another subtype of the flu. But his immunity is already resistant to the introduced type of virus.

Vaccination schedule for children. Why do some people need to get vaccinated more often
Some parents may notice that the vaccination schedule for their children is different. The fact is that if a child is at risk, then he is given preventive vaccination more often. You can ask the pediatrician to provide you with an individual vaccination schedule for children. Usually, changes relate only to vaccination of viral hepatitis B. For some babies, it is carried out more often. Additional procedures are prescribed for 2 and 12 months, inclusive with generally established terms.

What do the reductions in the national vaccination calendar mean
When visiting a pediatrician before vaccination, parents have questions. The fact is that the national vaccination calendar has many abbreviations that may not be clear. Below, you can read the transcript of each of them.

BCG – anti-tuberculosis vaccination. It is administered to children twice at a large interval. The first time in the interval 3-7 days from birth, and then at 7 years.
DTP – it combines a vaccine for pertussis, tetanus, diphtheria. It’s just a “combo” for the body against dangerous ailments. DTP is usually combined with oral polio vaccination.
R – revaccination. This procedure is re-administration of the vaccine. The process contributes to the development of sustainable immunity in children to a particular disease.
And – an inactivated vaccine, which is also called “killed.” The reduction concerns polio manipulation. This means that this virus was destroyed by thermal means, or using formaldehyde. This form of the virus is introduced into the body the first two times. Then, when the immune system understands how to deal with it, a weakened “living” form is introduced.
F – live polio vaccine. It is administered from the third revaccination. An exception is if the child is HIV-infected or his mother is infected with HIV. The living form of vaccination is contraindicated by pupils in children’s homes. For such a group of children, an inactivated vaccine is indicated.
National vaccination calendar: can vaccination be abandoned?

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