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Colic in a newborn: what should mom do?

Greetings to the readers of My name is Shchelkunova Valeria, I am a neonatologist from St. Petersburg. Today I will talk about colic in a newborn, what to do to mom and how to make the baby feel better. I can reassure that sooner or later, but this problem will end.

I’m mom myself, and therefore I know this condition. You are morally exhausted, the left eye twitches, and the right is generally impossible to open. The kid is screaming, and you are at a loss about what happened to him. Maybe it’s colic, but what if something serious? The husband does not understand what is happening. You can ask mom, but she will get excited and rush to you right there. At the girlfriend, although why bother about a trifle? Look on the Internet, but there is so much information that it is difficult to find a reliable answer. In this article I will give recommendations that may help your baby.

Colic in a newborn: symptoms

Intestinal colic in a newborn is quite long, and lasts at least 3 hours a day. The condition is observed from the first weeks of life, and the peak falls on the age of 2-3 months. Then the severity of symptoms decreases, and colic disappears when the baby is 4-5 months old. This phenomenon in infants is common – 20-48% of cases. Symptoms of intestinal colic in newborns most often occur in the evening.


Factor of physiological immaturity.
An allergy to cow’s milk proteins, lactose intolerance in a child.
Failure in intestinal motility.
Excessive gas that provokes intestinal cramps.
Symptoms of intestinal colic in a newborn:

The kid begins to cry sharply, and his face turns red.
The legs are bent, the baby is trying to press them to the stomach.
Weak flatulence, gases go poorly.
Stool problems.
The baby at the same time can look quite healthy, grow normally and eat. But most parents worry about this condition.

Colic in a newborn: what to do

So, what to do when colic is observed in a newborn. First of all, start with yourself. At first glance, it seems that this is in no way connected. But the psychological state of the mother is reflected in the child and the whole family. Understand that colic is a temporary phenomenon. It takes a little patience, and then everything normalizes. If you feel that stress is prevailing over you, give your baby a dad time.

What to do with intestinal colic
If the baby is breastfed, then mom should follow a special diet. You have to limit yourself in a number of products. But do not worry, this is not for the entire period of feeding. Observe restrictions before the disappearance of intestinal colic. What is removed from the diet:

sugar and confectionery: sweet tea with milk, sweet drinks, glazed curds, etc.,
broth of fish or meat,
canned food, pickles, pickles,
onion and garlic,
products with high allergenic potential,
instead of whole milk, it is better to opt for fermented milk products.
Important: if the baby is breastfed, then do not overfeed.

Baby fed? Choose the most suitable mixture, taking into account the individual characteristics of the child. Pay attention to the lines designed specifically for children with gastrointestinal disorders. For example, “NAN Comfort”, “Nutrilon Comfort”. You can see more: Rating. The best mix for newborns. Check your choice with your pediatrician.

In case of lactose deficiency, the child should choose low-lactose mixtures.
For babies with lactose intolerance, lactose-free milk formulas are recommended.
For food allergies, you should give mixtures designed for children who are allergic to BKV (cow’s milk proteins). Manufacturers use milk protein hydrolysates.
Sleep on the tummy or in the cocoon
When you have fed the baby, take it in your hands and hold it with a “column”. This will allow excess air to escape. Then put the baby to sleep on his tummy, bending his legs at the knees. This position allows better gas escape. For this purpose, you can use a cocoon for sleep.

Tummy massage

The main thing is to do the massage correctly. Pressing lightly on the tummy, move the hand clockwise. It is important to press slightly, and not to iron, otherwise the result will not be. Do not move around the solar plexus or bladder. After the massage, lay the baby, bringing the knees to the tummy.

Get a vent pipe
Some mothers are afraid to use it, fearing that they are addictive. Do not worry, the baby cannot forget how to remove gases on its own or go to the toilet in a big way. These are the unconditioned reflexes of man. Buy gas tubes in pharmacies. Please note that there is an indication of “children’s”. This means that the length and width is safe for the baby. How to use it: lubricate with liquid paraffin, and inject it with twisting movements. We do it neatly and gently. A baby gas pipe can help solve the problem of colic in newborns.

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