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Teeth don’t wait, like people don’t be late

We are always waiting for something or someone. We are waiting for the tooth fairy to arrive, who will wave the wand and the child’s teeth will stop hurting. Well, or the child will stop complaining. Waiting is an insidious enemy. It will not play in your favor, especially in “dental matters”. Today I will give an example of common situations that are urgent.

We don’t wait, but we go to the dentist

The first teeth without enamel
Let’s say a child is 1 year old. His milk teeth were just beginning to erupt, but they were without enamel. Parents think they need to wait. They argue that the baby is still small and everything will get better in time.

Do not delay the visit to the dentist. As soon as the first tooth appeared – this is an occasion to visit a specialist. Find out which toothbrush is best to use, which toothpaste is right for your child. A pediatric dentist will give recommendations that will help maintain the health of the first tooth.

Then we are under the supervision of a doctor. Do not forget about preventive examinations, which are carried out every 3-4 months. If suddenly the dentist considers the treatment necessary, then agree. Do not think that if the child is still so small, then he does not need it. As a rule, for the safety of the procedure and its quality, manipulations are performed under general anesthesia. Do not be afraid. I already talked about dental treatment in children under general anesthesia.

Black dots or plaque on the teeth.

The baby is 2 years old. Mom and Dad noticed black dots or plaque on his teeth, or maybe both. They think, “Let’s wait. The daughter / son does not allow to brush his teeth, and the doctor doesn’t open his mouth even more. She / he needs to grow up. ”

Faster than your child grows a carious cavity. When the process reaches the pulp chamber, then the dentist will treat pulpitis or remove the tooth. But no one wants their child this? Then no need to wait.

Remember, as soon as you see changes in the baby’s teeth, we immediately call and eat to the dentist. To detect the problem at an early stage, you need to conduct a “home inspection” once a week. You can play a doctor and light your teeth with a flashlight. Plus, brush your baby’s teeth daily. Even if he does not allow it, then try to lure him. Pretend to check their work and give praise. “Oh, well done, and I cleaned this tooth well, and even this one.”

Most teeth affected
The baby is 3 years old. Parents have long noticed that most of his teeth are affected. They wanted to cure them, but the baby did not open his mouth, cried and tried to escape from the chair. Adults decided it was better to wait until 3 years. It still remains a mystery to me why many are advised to wait until this age. And finally, this age has come, but the child still does not allow himself to be healed. What to do now, can wait another year?

At the same time, he cannot eat normally and he is not gaining weight. In addition, he does not sleep well at night and has become anxious. Parents may not even realize that all this is a consequence of diseased teeth. The kid may not tell that they hurt him.

There is no need to postpone treatment, and to think that at 4 years old he will sit in the dentist’s chair and open his mouth. You need to treat as soon as possible!

Yes, baby teeth will fall out. But until this stage, they must remain healthy and fulfill their tasks. Premature loss of primary teeth has its consequences. But few people think about it. This is not only aesthetics, but also functionality. The child must chew food well so that it is absorbed. Noticed that the baby stopped eating meat? This may be due to holes in the teeth. The pulp gets stuck in them and causes discomfort. A child may love mashed dishes and semolina, because it hurts to chew. Also, the child can often get sick and miss kindergarten. Parents can sort out the reasons, but forget that caries “blooms” in the mouth of the crumbs.

The sooner the better

A child cannot always express his pain with words. He will become anxious and moody. It’s wrong to wait when everything goes by itself, when the child grows up. The sooner we notice a problem, the faster and easier it is to solve everything.

Often our fears, fears from childhood, and sometimes the fears of other people, prevent us from making the right choice. I often hear from parents that the child was not taken to the dentist because they scared one of the parents in childhood.

My dear, pediatric dentistry has long been not the same as it was in our childhood. And most importantly, trust your doctor. Do not look for excuses, but do what the specialist recommends.

One situation upsets me. Often, when advising on treatment for anesthesia, many parents nod in response. They agree with everything, and then disappear for a long time. When they return with the child, then his teeth are already in a deplorable state. Do not think that everything will pass by itself. Do not wait for the child to have all of their teeth sore. Do not wait for the edema to begin due to inflammation, and the child will urgently need to remove the tooth. Let’s give kids a happy childhood together!

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