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Gymnastics and exercise from eye fatigue: effective exercises

To relax your eyes, you need to train them, and gymnastics and eye exercises will help you best. One way or another, our whole life is tightly connected with the blue light of monitors, TVs and smartphones. From this, you may experience a feeling of fatigue in the eyes, dryness and even visual decline. Regular exercise for the eyes can help your eyes feel good. In this article, we will consider a series of simple exercises that will help relax your eyes, as well as tone them up and help wake up in the morning.

Gymnastics for eye relaxation
Gymnastics for the eyes, which will be discussed, was developed by American ophthalmologists U.G. Gates and M.D. Corbet. Its features are the ease of performing the exercises and the minimum expenditure of time on them. Try to clearly follow the recommendations in the exercise description. Gymnastics is aimed at relaxing the eyes, so try to do them smoothly and gently, without experiencing discomfort.

Palming – Bates Method
Lead time: 15 seconds to 3 minutes

First of all, you need to relax your eyes. To do this, sit at the table and gently place your palms on your face. The middle of the palm should be opposite the eye. Light should not penetrate the eyes, so try to hold your hands so that a “lye” does not form.

No need to press and clasp hands tightly. The main thing is that you feel comfortable. As soon as you are convinced that you are comfortable and nothing is bothering you, lower your eyelids and relax. Now lean your elbows against the table. Keep your posture even. Breathe measuredly and calmly.

During this exercise, you should also tune in to positive thoughts. Try to dream about a nice place, which you would like to be. It can be a forest landscape, beaches of Greece, etc. For more fun, you can turn on the music or sounds of nature, if possible.

Such an exercise can be performed at breaks in the workplace. Eyes can get a small portion of rest in 10 seconds. But for a better effect, you should pay a little more time, for example 1.5-3 minutes. You can control the time yourself at will and mood.

At the end of the exercise, do not immediately remove your palms. Slowly let the light through your hands. So the eyes quickly adapt to light.

“We draw with a nose”
Lead time: optional

Did you know that tension in the cervical region interferes with the natural nutrition of the eyes. This is due to poor circulation. Therefore, exercises for the neck, such as “drawing with the nose,” can also be attributed to gymnastics for the eyes.

Sit down on a chair or sofa, maintaining an even posture. Lower your eyelids and imagine that your nose is a pencil. Try to draw something very simple, such as the sun, in the air. Nearby, draw fluffy clouds, and under them is a house. You can also try to write a word in the air, display beautiful letters.

If at the time of the exercise you are not at home, but, for example, at work, where many colleagues are looking at you with bewilderment, change the exercise a bit. Instead of a pencil, imagine a tiny needle. Then head movements will not be apparent. The main goal of the exercise is, first of all, to relax the eyes.

“Through the fingers”
Lead time – 1.5 – 2 minutes

To keep your eyes relaxed, use a simple exercise that focuses on focusing on one point. To do this, close your palms in the lock so that small gaps form between the fingers. Place your palms just below your eyes a short distance from your face. Your elbows are just above your shoulders at this point.

Lock your hands in one position. Turn your head slowly first left, then right. At this moment, look through your fingers, fixing your eyes at one point. Hands should “float” past the face. Close your eyes periodically.

If you are unable to achieve the effect of hand movement, then protrude the index finger to the face so that it slightly touches the nose when turning. Keep looking strictly through your fingers.

Morning exercises for the eyes
It is not necessary to do eye exercises only when they are already pretty tired. You can ask them the right “mood” in the morning. A little morning exercises for the eyes will help those who find it difficult to wake up and open their eyes. It can also be used before bedtime to relieve stress after watching TV, sitting at the monitor or reading.

First of all, do the palming exercise, which will help relax your eyes and set up for the gym complex. It should be done for about five minutes.

1 exercise

Open your mouth and eyes wide.
Return the face to its normal position.
Do 4-5 reps.
2 exercise

Squint your eyes and then relax. Do 7 sets.
Try blinking quickly but gently.
Repeat this exercise throughout the day when you feel dry and tired in your eyes.
3 exercise

Take a deep breath and look at your nose. Hold your gaze for a few seconds.
Exhaling, return your eyes to their normal position.
Do 10-15 repetitions.

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