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DTP: official contraindications and vaccine preparation

DTP is a combination vaccine that helps the body develop immunity to whooping cough, tetanus, and diphtheria. The peculiarity is that it contains the whole-cell pertussis component of CC. This “ingredient” can lead to complications from the child’s nervous system, which is why neurologists fear it. The Central Committee also contains Bubo-Kok and Eupent. Why is the DTP vaccine still used in medicine? Rather, it is a financial issue.

Contraindications to the Central Committee

According to the protocol, there are a number of progressive diseases of the nervous system, which are neurological contraindications to the Central Committee. The list includes:

Neuromuscular dystrophy;
Uncompensated hydrocephalus (true, it’s not about “some water in the head”);
Progressive congenital metabolic defects;
Some types of epilepsy;
Multiple sclerosis.
Officially, the following are not contraindications for DTP: cerebral palsy, obstetric paralysis, affective respiratory attacks, PEP. The last, universally binding name for hypoxia, asphyxia and birth injury. That is, if one of these items applies to the child, this does not mean that he does not need DTP.

Better safe than sorry
Despite the fact that there are not so many contraindications for DTP vaccination, neurologists try to play it safe. For reliability, they ask to wait or make a cell-free vaccine ADS-m, ADS, AS, AD. I will explain why such a decision is justified. If any complications were observed during childbirth, be it the application of forceps, a large baby, an entangled umbilical cord or a rapid birth. All this with a high probability leads to injury, which is not always possible to see on an ultrasound of the brain or MRI.

By the way, MRI is not done for everyone, only if there is evidence. If there is no cause for concern, then MRI will not be prescribed. When examining a baby up to 3-6 months, only gross violations can be observed. Children are endowed with large reserves for recovery, which means injuries will heal over time on their own. Neurologists take into account that injury zones can be a “hidden” epileptic focus. It has no external signs, it can pass on its own if it is not “awakened” by the CC component.

It is impossible to get epilepsy from DTP vaccination, but there is a chance that it will provoke an existing one.

DTP vaccination preparation
It is best before vaccination with DTP so that the child undergoes an EEG (electroencephalogram). But the diagnosis should not last as usual 20 minutes, but 4-10 hours. During the study, the child can sleep. But back to the financial issue again. Not everyone can easily pay for diagnostics. MHI currently does not provide free passage of the EEG.

A neurologist should consider your delivery history. If there were complications, then there is a chance of brain injury. They can recover, but the conversation is now about the DTP vaccine and the likelihood of complications. In this case, the specialist gives a medical challenge from vaccination. The neurologist continues to monitor the baby, and when the risks are behind, he will prescribe a safe vaccination.

If the baby had bouts of seizures due to dehydration, infection, stroke, at a temperature, then the specialist evaluates whether EEG should be performed. Most often, febrile seizures in no way correlate with epilepsy, as well as “rolling up”. But the exact answer to all questions can be obtained only due to the long-term EEG.

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