Dental caries in children: causes, stages and treatment
Caries is a tooth damage that can occur with a child even at the time of teething. As practice shows, up to seven years this dental disease is detected in…

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Toxoplasmosis during pregnancy - symptoms, prevention and treatment
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What are the types of therapies for children. We treat fairy tales

Did you know that children can be treated with animals, music, painting or “digging” in the sand? Most adults underestimate the efficacy of therapies. But deciding on such a step, the results will not be long in coming. There are many types of therapies for children. It remains only to choose the right one. Significant occasions are not required to take the course. They are suitable for healthy children to relieve nervous tension. The techniques are recommended for anxious sleep, stress, lethargy in a child, developmental problems. Some types of therapies are adapted for children due to their health status and age.

Zootherapy for children
It is also called pet therapy, animal therapy. The technique is based on the contact of the child and “our smaller brothers.” Who treats better than a dolphin, dog, cat or horse. They cheer up, help overcome shyness, anxiety and self-doubt. Zootherapy is suitable for children who have difficulties in communication, training. Effective after severe injuries, physical or psychological. Some of the sections are used for cerebral palsy, autism, epilepsy. Consult a specialist to find a safe option.

Varieties of zoototherapy for children

Children are treated by a person’s best friend – a dog. Therapy helps to improve the psychological state, increases the motivation for walking and physical activity. Depressed children begin to play. Talking with dogs makes it easier to handle stress. For example, moving, loss of a loved one, divorce of parents. Children become kinder, start taking care of others, communicate. This zoototherapy for children can be passive, observing the animals in the aviary. Even in this form of communication, positive changes are noted. Active therapy involves contact of the child with the dog: care and care for the animal, games, walks.

Suitable for: with neurosis, anxiety, fear, mental illness, hyperactivity and autism. Deficient. Recommended for children with disabilities.


Horse riding treatment. These smart creatures do truly wonderful things with their children. Improves coordination, gait, ability to maintain balance. The child makes contact with people easier, becomes more friendly, caring.

To suit: Suitable for “closed”, incredulous children. With violations of the vestibular apparatus, hearing, vision. Traumatic brain injury. Often used in autism.

Treatment by singing and observing birds. Bird twitter calms, gives a feeling of security, harmony with nature. It is advisable to listen to live singing, in the morning you can include audio recordings.

Types of art therapy for children
These types of art therapy help children discover their abilities. The method teaches to concentrate on one lesson, to be attentive to details, develops imagination and innovative thinking. With the help of art, a child will be able to throw out his emotions, share feelings without words. We are treated with the help of self-expression. Most importantly, these classes are loved by children. They won’t get bored. The types of art therapy for children are diverse: from tissue therapy to color therapy. Therefore, choosing an interesting lesson for the child will not be a problem.

Fairytale therapy.
This is a veiled way of transferring useful skills to a child. It forms a positive perception of the world, develops imagination, logic, and soothes. It helps to overcome fears in a child. Through a fairy tale, explain the problems that disturb the child, but not directly. Different life situations are transferred to the characters and possible solutions are considered. So, allegorically, it turns out to solve the problems of the child, which he is afraid to voice. You can find out the opinion of a child psychologist in the article: Fairytale therapy. Help for children.

Game therapy with dolls or toys.
The principle is similar to fairy tale therapy. Situations from life are transferred to the characters and played on objects. One of the most popular types of art therapy for children. Many parents do not even realize that playing with their crumbs, they conduct elements of the course right at home. The main thing is to build the right approach.

A new word in the treatment of psychological problems. Suitable for older children to express their emotions, talk about the causes of anxiety, show a vision of the world. It will help to cope with self-doubt, find peace, express your thoughts. It will appeal to children who do not like to draw, want to get a picture that is as relevant as possible.

Therapy with sculpting from dough, clay or clay.
A fascinating process that allows a child to realize his ideas. Therapy introduces the property of materials, the creation of forms and their combinations. For example, 3 white balls become a snowman. You can create 3D figures or apply plasticine to cardboard, creating three-dimensional paintings. With the help of sculpting, tactile sensations, attentiveness and patience develop. To get the desired result, you need to try.

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