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“Son, chick chick!” – whether to circumcise the boy

The debate about the benefits and dangers of circumcision in boys, whether or not to do it, has not faded for many decades. While in Russian society only 11.8% of men underwent this procedure, in the United States about 71.2 percent of the stronger sex do not have foreskin (only about 1.7% of Jews in the American population). Where in the States is such popularity? What are the consequences of child circumcision? Do circumcisions for a boy? Consider the pros and cons.

No Foreskin – Circumcisers
According to statistics, in countries where getting rid of the foreskin is a tradition – Israel, Saudi Arabia, cancers of the genital organs are very rare among men. Women with uterine cancer are 6-7 times less likely to be affected than in the whole world. This is the main argument that John F. Kennedy used when agitating the United States to get rid of the “intimate skin fold.” Since then, in America, circumcision has remained in the tradition of almost all families.

In addition, circumcisionists believe that if there is no foreskin, they reduce the risk of AIDS, since it is with the covering folds of the skin that viruses and infections begin to infect.

After surgery, the sensitivity of the penis decreases. When there is no foreskin, the duration of sexual intercourse increases. But this is both a plus and a minus at the same time. After all, this part of the genitals is a powerful erogenous zone; not everyone will want to lose such a source of pleasure.

On the aesthetic side, many women like a circumcised member that looks more well-groomed and neater. It is worth recalling a moment from the series “Sex and the City”, where Charlotte has a new guy, and he turns out to be uncircumcised. This causes a storm of indignation on the part of the heroine and her friends.

Unnecessary procedure?
After circumcision (circumcision), it is necessary to constantly maintain hygiene of the baby’s genital organ. Microbes quickly accumulate in the seams near the head of the penis. But this is a temporary minus.

Many believe that the circumcised member is more “pure”. However, this is a fallacy. The foreskin protects the penis from dirt from the outside. Therefore, its absence takes away this filtering function.

Pain shock is a common occurrence during circumcision. Indeed, only in the last decade the procedure began to be anesthetized. Prior to this, surgery without anesthesia was performed even in infants.

Dr. Komarovsky believes that all the “significant” pluses on the part of medicine in circumcision are not proven.

The foreskin performs a protective function and plays a large role in the immune system. Circumcision for a healthy person for medical reasons does not make sense.

To cut or not – it’s up to the parents of the baby. But it’s worthwhile to understand that from an ethical point of view, this operation is a violation of the child’s right to maintain the integrity of his body. Iceland is considering a bill banning circumcision in babies if this is not required by medical indications. The authorities want to introduce punishment up to prison for this brutal violation of the will of the child.

Think can leave this choice to the boy. If he really wants to go through the procedure as an adult, then there are clinics where, without serious consequences, you can perform the operation on your own.

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